Your Functional Neurology Treatment

Your Functional Neurology Treatment


In Functional Neurology, treatment is tailored to your specific needs according to the results of your initial consultation and exam. There exist a wide variety of methods that can be used by the Functional Neurologist to stimulate your nervous system and improve its function.

These may include:

          • Specific adjustments to the joints
          • Muscle therapies
          • Physical exercises
          • Balance and vestibular rehabilitation
          • Light, sound, smell and touch stimulations
          • Eye exercises
          • Cognitive training
          • Nutritional and supplement recommendations


The Functional Neurology Approach

The treatments are brain-based and follow the principles of neuroplasticity, the notion that the nervous system can change according to the stimulation it is exposed to. For example, a patient with balance problems may be found to have dysfunctions in various parts of the nervous system. If the source of the problem is at the level of the cerebellum, the Functional Neurologist may recommend gym ball training, spinal adjustments and eye movement exercises. By following a specific rehabilitation strategy, the function of the weak cerebellum can be strengthened, improving the person’s balance.

From the information collected, your practitioner will determine if a Functional Neurology treatment is right for you or if your condition would be more appropriately managed in conjunction with, or by, another health care professional.

Although the Functional Neurology model does not employ medication or surgery, the practitioner will work with any other specialists you may be seeing to ensure a cooperative and integrative approach to your health goals.

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