Consulting a Functional Neurologist

Consulting a Functional Neurologist

Initial Consultation

The first goal of a Functional Neurologist is to be thorough and precise in identifying the areas of your nervous system that are dysfunctional. This will form the foundation for the individualized treatment plan best suited for your condition and your health goals.


What Your Functional Neurologist Will Need To Know

Prior to your consultation, you should obtain a copy of any X-rays, CTs, MRIs, etc. you have had. Acquire imaging reports, specialist reports, blood test results, etc. as these will also give your practitioner a more complete picture of your care to date.

You will be asked about your history and overall current health. This may include a description of:

          • your present symptoms
          • the steps you have taken to manage your condition
          • your personal and family medical history
          • illnesses and traumas you may have experienced
          • surgeries, hospitalizations and medical procedures you may have had
          • medications and supplements you may be taking
          • your diet and exercise habits
          • your sleeping habits, daily activities, work routine, stress level and home life


Neurological Examination

The Functional Neurologist will then perform an examination focused on your nervous system and how it relates to the rest of your body. Please note that it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes for your visit and that you may be asked to change into a gown.

Your exam may consist of:

          • checking your blood pressure, pulse and breathing
          • testing your reflexes, strength and sensations
          • assessing your posture and balance
          • analyzing how your body moves
          • evaluating eye movements

From the information collected, your practitioner will determine if a Functional Neurology treatment is right for you or if your condition would be more appropriately managed in conjunction with, or by, another health care professional.


Evaluation of Your Nervous System

An important part of your consultation is for you to have a good understanding of how your nervous system is functioning. Your Functional Neurologist will give you a thorough explanation and encourage you to ask questions.

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