House of Cards (Autism-Dissociational symptoms)

Product Description

After returning to the states from Mayan civilization where her parents have been involved with excavation of ruins for the last few years and where her father died, six-year-old Sally begins to exhibit dissociational symptoms characteristic of autism. A battle of wills and minds between her mother (Kathleen Turner) and psychiatrist Dr. Jacob Beerlander (Tommy Lee Jones) ensues as they try to bring Sally back into reality with the tools they each have at hand. Mom tries to reach Sally from the inside by trying to reconstruct her path inward via computer generation and architectual engineering while Dr. Beerlander wedges his foot in the door and tries to pull her through from the outside. Though not strictly genuine autism, this film gives a good description of the dissociation and other symptoms associated with autism. The film also includes a delicate, haunting Mayan music track.


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